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Why Us?

Emergency problems require emergency solutions. That’s what we offer at If you ever feel helpless in a situation where your car battery stops responding and you don’t know what to do, you can reach us for a service and we will be there in time. There might be a number of reasons such as using an expired battery, keeping it discharged and unoperational for long, battery leakage, etc. Our professional will reach your location in the least time possible and help you out, anywhere in Dubai. Waiting on a roadside for someone to look at you and offer help is not going to work. If you really want to help yourself, you must act quickly, make a call and get professional assistance. That’s the only way to drag you out of the problem. Reaching us is very easy; we are just one call away! Offers Car Battery Home Delivery For Its Customers

If you are looking forward to purchasing a battery for your car but concerned about its delivery, don’t be. offers home delivery for all its batteries. Get in touch with us, discuss your requirements, and buy car battery Dubai online.

A proper functioning car battery is among the essential components of a vehicle. Just like each organ in the human body is responsible for certain functions without which it will be very difficult to survive, each component in a car carries its own importance and contributes in the proper functioning of the car. If we talk about the battery, it regulates a number of tasks:

  • Car batteries are responsible for starting the engine. A weak battery may be the reason behind ignition problems.
  • It provides the jolt of electricity to all the electrical components of your car that include, radio, headlights, wipers, etc.
  • It not just helps start the engine but also responsible for supplying constant voltage to keep running it smoothly.
  • Many safety features present in the modern cars are regulated by the battery itself. So, your safety depends on the quality of your battery too.

And, the list is long. However, the only thing which should matter is that it is a part of your vehicle and must be checked from time to time whether it requires maintenance.

How To Ensure If You Need A New Battery?

All of us have been through situations where we regret for not being aware enough. If you are not the one, you shouldn't wait for such an incident to happen. It's better to notice the early signs and make a move. Here's when you should consider buying a new battery for your car:

Slow engine cranks are among the very first signs of a dying battery. Your engine takes longer than usual to start which shows that the battery is not functioning properly.

You frequently need a jump start service. Once in a while is fine but if it has become the new normal, you should check with your battery.

Your battery case starts looking swollen and you notice a rotten smell. That's when you know it needs a replacement.

Purchasing A Battery

It takes just a few minutes to browse our website and choose a car battery according to your vehicle’s model and budget. You will get several options for all the popular models from different brands available in attractive designs and patterns. There are brands that are relatively new and offering quality batteries for competitive prices. So, if a cheap car battery Dubai is something you are looking for, that’s not a problem with us. We also provide car battery home delivery Dubai to make it more convenient for our customers.